Homeowner Information
Volente Neighborhood Association

Garbage Pickup
Within the city limits of Village of Volente:

Please check the latest information on the Village website:
See http://volentetexas.gov/ or http://villageofvolente-tx.gov/

Outside the Village, some residents use:
PO BOX 1650
MANCHACA, TX 78652-1650

Need a street address assigned?
Call the City of Austin (yes, Austin) GIS Land Information Services Department at 512-974-2797. You should have your TCAD parcel number available when you call to save time.

Need a blue address sign to mark your driveway entrance?
See www.volente.org/signs.html

Attention new home owners on FM 2769

TXDOT will install mailbox poles for all residents on FM 2769 (this applies to state roads only). In fact, if you install your own, they will eventually remove yours and install theirs for safety reasons. Call this TXDOT number to have your pole installed: 512-331-5361. For more: http://www.txdot.gov/inside-txdot/division/maintenance/mailbox-safety.html

A law requires all burglar alarms to be registered! https://www.tcsheriff.org/departments/admin-support/finance/alarm-registration

Travis County, Right of Way (ROW) mowing contact number: 512-854-9433
Travis County, Illegal Dumping Investigator: Douglas McDougall 512-854-9513 or 1-877-NO DUMPS

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