Volente eNews

eNews Issue May 02, 2013

Recent Email Received from Volente Resident
(Dear eNews)

Subject: ESD Sales Tax Election

Hi Everyone!

This week, everyone should have received a newsletter from our local fire department.  In this letter is information concerning an upcoming vote to add a "Sale Tax" to our Emergency Services District (ESD) to increase revenues for fire and medical protection in the area in which we live.  I not only whole heartedly support this, I wanted to let everyone know why.....


First and most importantly - THIS IS NOT A TAX INCREASE!!!!!!


In the state of Texas, the maximum allowed sales tax is 8.25%.  Outside the city of Austin, most areas (including Volente) only need to tax at 7.25% BUT, since we are so close to Austin, MOST businesses just tax at Austin's 8.25% rate.  Where does that extra penny go???? It goes to the state general fund.


All our ESD/Fire Department is doing is asking the state to give that penny back to our fire district.  That's what you are voting on.....taking back our penny!!  A penny doesn't sound like much but, to a small fire department, it can generate some beneficial funds.  What you must remember is many of the bills you pay at home contain sales tax:  cells phone bills, some electric bills, some trash bills, etc.  Many little places that we never think about can generate revenue for those who provide us with emergency response.


Please support our local fire department - I love the peace of mind of knowing our first responders are on-site and during some emergency calls at our home, have been there in less than 3 minutes.



Early voting starts April 29th......please take a second and place a vote to help those who protect you!


Michelle Broyles 
Arrowhead Drive