Volente eNews
                                     eNews Issue: June 03, 2012

Canceled - No Public Hearing Tuesday June 5th

Village of Volente Public Hearing on June 5th to be rescheduled

Annexation of Lake Travis surface area by Village of Volente


I have just received notice that the public hearing that I recently alerted you to via the Volente eNews is going to be rescheduled. The issue is apparently generating a lot of discussion and concern, and the Village has opted to take more time to address these concerns. Below you will find the text of the message from Mayor Blackmore-Hlista:




Since the last public hearing on May 29, 2012, it has become clear that there is a significant amount of confusion, misinformation and fear on the part of both commercial enterprises and private citizens regarding the reasons for the proposed annexation by Volente of the surface waters of Lake Travis.


Businesses have expressed fear that the Village of Volente is seeking the authority to ban their operations. Private citizens have been led to believe that Volente seeks to regulate private boat docks. People have been led to believe annexation has already occurred. None of this is true.  


It is clear that the Village of Volente needs to spend more time communicating the issues and addressing the uncertainty and fear that are spreading throughout the community. As a result, the Public Hearing scheduled for June 5, 2012 has been canceled and will be rescheduled.


Please note that the surface waters of Lake Travis have NOT been annexed by the Village of Volente and WILL NOT be annexed without further community involvement and public hearings.


Residents of Volente can stay involved, informed and engaged on all issues by checking the Village of Volente website for agendas and attending meetings. The Council meets the third Tuesday of every month at 7pm. The Planning and Zoning Commission meets the first Wednesday of every month at 6pm. The agendas are generally posted the week before the meeting on the website and in front of the fire hall. These meetings are an excellent opportunity for neighbors to listen to each others' concerns and help the village find solutions.


Justine Blackmore-Hlista

Mayor, Village of Volente


Please continue to watch for these email messages to learn of the next scheduled hearing meeting.


Ken Beck

President, Volente Neighborhood Association