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Family Cat Lost in Arrowhead Area

                                     eNews Issue: Feb. 22, 2012
Have You Seen Noodle?


Cat lost on Arrowhead
Help! Noodle the Cat is lost.

(Dear eNews);


my cat "noodle" accidentally got out last thursday and spent the weekend out in the rain. i haven't seen her since then and am hoping that perhaps someone found her and took her in. she is about 4 years old, white with tan stripes, a black striped tail and big blue eyes. she is extremely sweet, smart, and funny and i miss her terribly! i know the risk of coyotes in the area but am hoping that she is still ok out there...


i live at 14701 Pocohontas Trail (at the intersection of Pocohontas & Arrowhead).


thank you so much!


Lindsay Riley

(281) 638-0172