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Dog Found; Blood Donors Needed 

Volente VFD 50th Anniversary Celebration
Dog Found; Owner Sought 

Dog found photos

Husky-like dog

Hazel Eyes

No Collar

Found by Lakeview Church & 2769

Please call Chris Wilder at 656-2795


photo of dog
Have you seen my owner?


Blood Donors Needed October 22nd


Greetings to all of Volente's previous and future donors!


The VVFD Auxiliary is hosting another blood drive on Saturday, October 22 during the VVFD 50th Anniversary Celebration.  Please consider donating as every three seconds someone needs blood.


The bloodmobile will be in front of the fire hall from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM. Walk-ins are gratefully accepted but scheduling in advance minimizes the wait time for the donation process.


I have openings every 15 minutes starting at 8:00 AM.  If you want to donate this year, please email jacquepotts@gmail.com or call me at 512-468-7685.
Jacque Potts 

 More Parade Participants Still Needed!

2006 parade
(click on image for more photos of the 2006 parade & celebration)

(Dear eNews)

Looking for participants for the VVFD 50th Anniversary Celebration Parade to be held Saturday, October 22, 2011.

We are looking for antique cars, boats, motorcycles, marching bands, horses, girl scouts, boy scouts, and floats of any kind. Let your creativity come out! Promote your business! We are also looking for a couple of convertibles to carry out founding members in the parade.  

If you would like to participate in the parade contact Jennifer Zufelt at jlzufelt@gmail.com

Water Advice 
(Dear eNews)

I wanted to raise an issue which impacts all the families living in the Volente area.

I, like most families in and around Volente, rely on a well to provide water to our house.   With the recent drought we have seen some of our neighbors' wells run dry and them have to spend vast sums on having a new well dug or water shipped.    We also notice other neighbors who have beautiful green gardens and are regularly soaking them in our precious drinking water to keep them that way.    Our wells all pull from the same source of water and so only if everyone uses the least amount possible can we preserve the supply for all.    For those on town water, restrictions have been invoked and they are fined for watering more than 1 time per week, but in Volente the few are pumping water out of the ground without consideration for everyone who needs that water to live.   Who knows how long this drought may continue? 


I guess the residents' association has little formal powers to invoke a watering restrictions, but could play an active role in helping to persuade these (residents) to think again.   I do hope that you would be willing to take action to protect us all.

Concerned Neighbor