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Issue June 25, 2011                                        

Fireworks; AMG; Dock Safety; Water Monitoring

ALL Fireworks Banned In Travis County

Local State of Disaster prohibiting Sale and Use of Fireworks

NO Fireworks Allowed
ALL fireworks prohibited in Travis County thru July 5th

Travis County has banned the sale and use of all fireworks through July 5th due to the extreme fire danger. Similar bans have been enacted in Williamson and Burnet counties.

Williamson and Travis are among several counties in the state in the highest category of drought, exceptional. Travis County has been under a burn ban since Dec. 14.

"A violation of this order is a Class C misdemeanor, punishable by a fine up to $500," according to the court order.

In addition to the ban on individuals' use of fireworks, the Travis County fire marshal is not approving any permits for public fireworks shows. Austin and Pflugerville have canceled their scheduled displays. 


Drawing of Anderson Mill The Anderson Mill Gardeners'  Open House
Sunday June 26, 2-5pm
 Free Mill and Museum Tours
Miss Minnie's Mill and Ada Zilker Robinson Museum

Our gardens may have already succumbed to the drought and heat but wildlife could still use our attention. A bit of water and some seeds can make a difference. June is the most active month for birds as nestlings become fledglings, then juveniles on their way to being international flyers, for those that migrate, in a few short months. The best birdbaths are shallow dishes with very gradual rough textured slopes so clumsy fledglings don't slip. In this hot wind the water needs to be freshened almost every day. An established well maintained birdbath is very enjoyable to birds and birders.

young Black Crested Titmouse
This young Black Crested Titmouse will be a year round resident

 Chickadees and Golden Cheeked Warblers can be attracted by spraying water into shrubs like the mountain laurel. The green waxy leaves provide good cover and hold water long enough for birds to drink and rub themselves in a refreshing wet leaf bath. Here is link to clip of Goldencheeks that were attracted in this manner, although the bush is a False Indigo. https://picasaweb.google.com/Sashapaco/2011_06#5615543353009443282  Singing Singing in the background is the loopy Summer Tanager, featured in a post last year.

For more information/ unsubscribe/ membership/ donate:Contact ANDERSON MILL MEMORIAL| 13974 FM 2769| Volente Texas 78641| 512-258-2613| AMGC@volente.org

LCRA Dock Safety Guidelines Available at Village of Volente Office


Curious about the standards required for residential docks on the Highland Lakes? Stop by the Village of Volente office during business hours and pick up copies of these two LCRA documents:

 LCRA brochure: Dock Safety Standards         

LCRA Dock Safety Guidelines

Volente Resident Certified as Water Quality Monitor

Judy Schlotzhauer and Jim Rice 
We were reading the Summer 2011 issue of LCRA Aqua Vitae (get copy HERE) and noticed this nice blurb about how Volente resident Judy Schlotzhauer was recently certified as a volunteer water quality monitor for the Colorado River Watch Network.
Jim Rice, also pictured, is another local volunteer monitor. So is Leo Slaton, of FM 2769, who has been taking water samples in Cypress Creek Cove for more than 10 years.
For more information on the Colorado River Watch Network, see