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January 31 2011

                                        VNA Town Hall Meeting re Bullick Hollow Rd
The Bullick Hollow Road Closure Plan will be presented by the City of Austin at the next regular VNA Board Meeting on Tuesday, February 1st at 7PM at the Volente fire hall. The meeting is open to the public and VNA encourages you to attend.

(Following is a repeat of two prior background articles)

City of Austin Presents Two Proposals to Close Bullick Hollow Rd

  On Tuesday, Jan. 18th, representatives of Austin's Water Treatment Plant 4 project made a presentation to the Village of Volente city council. (See the full presentation HERE.) WTP4 intends to install major ductwork beneath Bullick Hollow Rd during Fall 2011. The construction would mean major interruptions to traffic on BHR. Two alternatives were presented - 1) daytime work with lane closures or 2) nightime work with complete shutdown of BHR between Oasis Bluff and RR 620 from 8PM to 6AM. The WTP4 presenters indicated they felt the nightly road closures would be the best option.

Excerpt from WTP4 presentation
Excerpt from WTP4's presentation


Volente Mayor Responds to WTP4 Regarding Road Closures

Volente Mayor Justin Blackmore-Hlista quickly responded to the WTP4 project team with strong concerns about the proposed closures and construction. The full text of the Mayor's letter is posted on the Village of Volente website HERE. Below is an excerpt:

"1. Bullick Hollow is one of two primary conduits to schools and businesses for everyone in the greater Volente area and 8pm is too early to shut it down for the entire night

2. The steel plates used to cover the road cuts during construction are unsafe, and will make the road unsafe during this time

3. The additional traffic burden on 2769 and Oasis Bluff will cause significant delays for months on end and possibly road maintenance issues

4. Construction on the tunnel and pumping station itself will be going on during the day, with massive excavation and large truck traffic on Bullick Hollow above Oasis Bluff. This may result in Bullick Hollow being very significantly impacted BOTH day and night during this period

5. Construction on the pumping station will begin this March, possibly resulting in increased traffic on 2769 and Anderson Mill Rd, which is already seeing significant traffic delays as a result of the construction on Anderson Mill Rd."

For a map and more information, see the Village of Volente mailer HERE