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Meeting: Tuesday, Dec 7th at 7PM at VVFD

LCRA Water Management Plan and WTP4

Presentations and Discussion of Water Issues

Drought photo taken in Volente
It will happen again..



The LCRA has formed a "Stakeholder Advisory Group" to be an active participant in the creation of the LCRA Water Management Plan.  The stakeholders representing Lakes Travis and Buchanan spent over 40 hours producing a presentation that outlines the problems associated with low lake levels, lack of conservation incentives, and suggesting solutions that included new off-channel reservoirs, conservation measures, no new firm water contracts without the development of new sources, desalination and, importantly, REVISED TRIGGER POINTS FOR THE CURTAILMENT OF INTERRUPTIBLE WATER SUPPLIES.


The Volente Neighborhood Association has invited this key group to present this information at our next planned meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 7th, starting at 7:00 PM at the Volente Fire Station.


Water Treatment Plant #4 (WTP4)

Also at this public meeting we will hear from Richard Morgan of the SOS Coalition regarding their concerns about and opposition to WTP4, currently under construction on Bullick Hollow Road.

Please join us at 7PM, Tuesday, Dec. 7th.


Ken Beck, President, VNA

Black and Tan Dog in Debbie Drive Area of Volente
photo of black and tan dog
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There is a small black dog with a blue collar... No tags... He has been hanging around the house at the entrance of Debbie Drive... One of the tenants said he just showed up...

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