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Nov. 10, 2010

A Message From Your Fire Department

Board Candidates Wanted

The nominating committee for the Volente Fire Department Board of Directors is looking for Community Leaders interested in serving on the fire department board. Anyone interested in serving on the Board of Directors is requested send your contact information to: election@vvfd.net

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To be a candidate you must live within the Volente Fire Department's service area.

The Board of Directors shall serve their positions without compensation.
Positions available are Vice President, Treasurer and a Member at Large. These are 2 year terms. Board members are elected on staggered year basis.

Nominations are due by December 3rd. Elections are held at the annual meeting of the department on the last Friday in January. 

Duties of the Vice President include the following:
- Perform the duties and exercise the authority of the President during the absence of the President.
Duties of the Treasurer include the following:
- Working closely with the Fire Chief, keep a financial account of all department business.
- As per District contract, submit monthly expenditure or other financial reports to the District.
- Request and receive reimbursement from the District for all such expenditures.
- Receive all other funds due to the Department.
- Issue receipts for monies received by the Department as requested by payee.
- Deposit all funds in an insured account in the name of the Department.
- Establish and monitor the use of credit cards for Department purchases as authorized by the Board.
- Draw and sign checks or execute electronic payments on the accounts as authorized by the Board.
- Keep an accurate account of all receipts (including their sources) and disbursements (including their purposes and payees) and report such transactions and the current treasury balance at each regular Board meeting.
- Assure that the Department obtains a surety bond for the Treasurer, as required by law, and in accordance with the District contract.