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Oct. 25, 2010

Photos Posted, More Wanted of October 23rd Events

Photos of October 23rd Events Posted

cooking pancakes at VVFDOctober 23rd Volente Fall Market & Festival

 Photos of the Pancake Breakfast and of the Fall Market & Festival are posted our photo gallery site: www.volente.phanfare.com. The Pancake Breakfast photos are also posted on our Facebook page. The gallery site contains photos of many past Volente events as well, so be sure to check it out soon.

Upload Your Own Photos of Volente Events To Our Photo Gallery

photo dropbox symbol 

Our new photo gallery on Phanfare.com allows our readers to upload their own photos of Volente events to share with others. Once on our site at www.volente.phanfare.com click the dropbox symbol  in the upper right corner, or just go directly to www.volente.phanfare.com/dropbox to upload your photos.

We Wish To Thank....

The Auxiliary wants to be sure to thank two of our "corporate" sponsors who helped make the Pancake Breakfast a success.

Millie Wilson, owner of Angelfood Catering & Personal Chef Services, located in Volente, donated kitchen equipment and advice. Check out her website and Facebook page and think of her when you need catering, chef services, wedding cakes, etc.

And, of course, our good friends at the Starbucks store at Four Points, including store manager Tricia Draughn and district manager Laura Marquis. Starbucks donated 12.5 gallons of brewed coffee, as well as cups, sweeteners, creamers, stirrers, etc. They don't offer pancakes and sausage, but we recommend them when you're ready for a good cup of coffee.