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Anderson Mill Gardeners Open House and Plant Sale

 13974 FM 2769
Volente, TX   78641
Open House and Plant Sale
Sunday, September 26, 2-5 pm
Free tours
Miss Minnie's Mill and Ada Zilker Robinson Museum  

Fall is the best time to plant perennials to give your flowering shrubs, trees, seeds and bulbs a chance to become established before next summer's heat. Some come up best from seed such as Eve's Necklace and Mexican Buckeye. Others do well from root divisions, like Turk's cap, Iris, trumpet and passion vine. Spreading wildflower seeds in the fall as well as herbs like parsley, fennel, and dill gives us the best chance for success. Every planting is a wish and a prayer. Optimistic gardeners who planted a fall garden are now reaping their rewards in basil and peppers as the cooler, wetter weather sets in. We welcome donations of plants, pots, and seed, etc. - contact any AMG member.
These are some of the pass-alongs members will be sharing, Grande Moy Hibiscus and Night Blooming Cereus:

Night Blooming Cereus
Night Blooming Cereus
Grande Moy Hibiscus
Grande Moy Hibiscus

Lost Pet Cat

(Dear eNews)
Could you please post an announcement that my black cat, Sneaks, has been lost in this area for about 3 weeks. She has no tags and is a solid black, sleek cat. My number is 258-4786. I don't know if she will come to anyone because she is a bit skittish.
Please call me if you see her wandering around.
Thank you so much,
Jerry Blake and Ken Blake
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