March 01, 2010 Volente Neighborhood Association
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Local Census Workers Sought
Census Workers Sought
(Dear e-News)
Would you be able to share the job opportunities with anyone in Volente that might be interested? We are short on applicants for your area.
Katie Larson  971-1523 cell 
Census Jobs 
Apply Now! 
Don't miss this opportunity. 
Temporary, part-time jobs that offer good pay, flexible hours, 
and are close to home.   Field jobs start at $17/hr + mileage+paid training.
Census Takers, Crew Leaders, Crew Leader Assistants, Census Clerks 

Snow Photos

Photo of snow on Anderson Mill by Virginia Gerstenberg
We received snow photos from several residents, including Virginia Gerstenberg's great photos of Anderson Mill. See the photos we have so far at and send your favorite shots to us at
(Below, snow on trees - photo by Laura Voorhis)
Photo of snow on trees by Laura Voorhis
Edited by Lonnie Moore