February 23, 2010 Volente Neighborhood Association
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Road Damage by WTP4 - Who is Paying for It?
Road patching on Bullick Hollow Rd 
Volente commuters were recently subjected to additional delays and 1-way traffic as road crews tried to patch the extensive damage done to Bullick Hollow Road by construction traffic. The construction is for Water Treatment Plant 4 and is a project of City of Austin. Travis County had only recently completed resurfacing and restriping of BHR; now that work is being undone by COA's contractors.
Who is paying for repairing the considerable damage to both BHR and Fm 2769? We suppose that it is Travis County and TXDOT, respectively, who are picking up the tab and passing it on to taxpayers.
If so: Is County Commissioner Karen Huber requesting repayment by City of Austin?
Snow Day In Volente
Snow settles on Ole Red at VVFD 

Signs of the Times

2010 Texas Sizzler, Oasis Bluff Road Closing
Stop The Marina sign

Snow on Volente street sign

Did you get good photos from the snow event? Send your favorite to news@volente.org and we will add it to the photo website, volente.phanfare.com
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