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Update on Strickland Pond
John Strickland in front of his family's pond
We have received a number of requests for an update on how the Strickland family of Bullick Hollow Rd has fared in their attempt to keep the pond they created on their own property. As a reminder, City of Austin and Travis County have both engaged in a legal battle to force the family to destroy the dam the family constructed on Bullick Hollow Creek. (See links in sidebar)
John Strickland tells the e-News that the family has so far been forced to spend over $60,000 in legal and consultant fees with no positive resolution in sight. In fact, the Stricklands just received word that Travis County has filed for a summary judgement to force destruction of the pond and dam and payment of over $37,000 to the County for legal fees. This could be in addition to demands by City of Austin, which threatened the family with fines of $2,000 per day dating back to June of 2009.
The Stricklands feel the pond threatens no one and has provided a refuge for wildlife. They would like to keep it but are looking for a solution that does not involve paying fines and fees to Travis County and City of Austin.
The VNA board of directors has offered to contact Travis County Commissioner Karen Huber's office. Protect Lake Travis Association has previously provided a resolution in support of the Strickland family and their efforts to retain the pond.
The Stricklands are appreciate of any support readers can provide.
Background Info on Strickland Pond
07/01/2010 Volente e-News (includes press release)
7 On Your Side - The Family Dam
Click here: Map to 12717 Bullick Hollow Road
(Click for more) A red-ear turtle enjoys Strickland's pond
 (Click) A blue heron enjoys the Strickland pond during the drought
Stray Cat Still At Large
Stray orange and white cat in Booth Circle areaHi Lonnie   This pretty Orange and white cat has been hanging around here at 15939 Booth Circle- but have not seen it for 3 days. Perhaps you could post it since I heard someone possibly lost an orange and white cat.  Thanks ,Wynn Estes 512 585 5538
 Note - this is the same cat that has been hanging around the Debbie/Davy area and was discussed in the January 24th edition of the Volente e-News.
New Edition of the Community Impact Newspaper Covers Lake Travis
Community Impact Newspaper - Lake Travis 
Community Impact Newspapers has just added a Lake Travis / Westlake edition. Unfortunately, the free distribution does not currently include the Volente area within the 78641 zip code. However, you can read the Lake Travis edition online HERE. You may want to contact the publisher and request that the Volente area be included in their mailings.
We enjoyed their article on Highland Lakes water usage, especially the graph which was supplied by LCRA. We included that graph below. LCRA water use chart
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