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 January 11, 2009
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I've written an article about the proposed marina that is to in the Cypress Creek arm of the lake (land access will be from Pocahontas). Is there any way we can get this "article" on your website.. and/or send to your subscribers? - Sherri Cole McCue
New Marina Development Proposed for Cypress Creek/Sunlit Cove, By Sherri Cole McCue (excerpt)
An area developer is in the process of submitting plans to the LCRA, proposing a new marina development that would reside in the Cypress Creek arm of Lake Travis at the mouth of Sunlit Cove. The main public access to the marina would be via Pocahontas Trail, just off of FM 2769. The proposed draft of the marina (as depicted in the illustration) indicates 86 slips that would accommodate large house boats.
According to the LCRA, the developer has not yet applied for permitting but plans to do so in the first part of 2010. Information obtained from the LCRA indicates that this is just the developer's first phase of a vast development that could result in marinas lining a large portion of both sides of the Cypress Creek arm. The land on the other side of the proposed marina is predominately owned by the Balcones Canyonland Preserve, except for waterfront land which is owned by the marina developers. If the marina developers are granted a permit, the beauty, enjoyment, and accessibility to Cypress Creek Cove will be threatened.
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A group of concerned residents have gathered and plan to challenge this development. They have named their cause "Stop The Marina". The group believes the proposed marina may:
1. Destroy the natural beauty of the cove
2. Make the cove a congested harbor as there are already three marinas in the Cypress Creek arm: Riviera Marina, Anderson Mill Marina, and Cypress Creek
3. Conflict with the residential nature of the neighborhood
4. Cause light pollution because it must be lit 24 hours a day, seven days a week
5. Impact public safety in cove with more boat traffic
6. Increase the "no wake" area, thereby hindering wakeboarding and tubing in the Cypress Creek arm. Areas protected from the wind available for these activities are getting harder to find; coves are being permitted to turn into boat harbors, therefore taking away the public use of this water for safe boating.
 - For more information, please see the full article HERE
 Photo of proposed marina in Cypress Cove near Sunlit Cove
ALONG LONG HOLLOW CREEK - 1/09/10 by Roger Marcum 
Photo of ice along Long Hollow Creek 1/9/2010