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Edited by Lonnie Moore
Shoreline Cleanup Update, Statesman Article , LCRA Graph, Letter to Editor Sept. 10, 2009
We mentioned last time that this is the last week of the shoreline cleanup. 
Barges have now taken care of all areas except Joy-Sharon, which is planned for Saturday.  
If you are planning to haul your own debris by vehicle or trailer, you will be able to do so this weekend, Saturday and Sunday Sept. 12-13. All land transports will be directed to the Anderson Mill Marina collection site, 13993 Fm 2769. Do not bring trucks or trailers to Highland Lakes Marina unless instructed to do so by Al Blunt. If you have any questions about the collection site(s), please call Al Blunt at 336-1260 or 633-6589 (cell).
Remember: lake debris only - this is a lake/shoreline cleanup. No other materials should be brought to the collection site.
Also, tires, batteries and Styrofoam go in separate stacks (marked) near the dumpsters, not in the dumpsters.
Place dumpster materials IN the dumpster at Anderson Mill Marina, not beside it.
If you do not have the list of prohibited materials, please download it HERE.
The event has been extremely successful to date, and we look forward to wrapping up this weekend with a really big finish. Be sure to take photos of your efforts and send to news@volente.org for posting on the website.
map showing Anderson Mill Marina 
Mayor: Homes importing water

In another sign of how scarce water has become during the current drought, about 15 percent of homes in the Volente area have to import water, according to Mayor Jan Yenawine.
"The lake level is down and the water table is down, so people's wells are going dry or they have to build more pipe to chase the (lake) water," Yenawine said Tuesday. He said about 15 percent of the thousand or so homes in greater Volente are investing in water tanks and getting water from big water trucks or other sources.
"People mainly need to change their habits of water usage and really conserve," he said.
We received the graph below from the manager of the Lakeway MUD. He was trying to figure out just how much Lakeway would need to lower their water intake. He received this information from LCRA. The rate of drop is expected to lessen as the rice farmers curtail their water usage for the season.
Graph of lake levels from LCRA 
2008 National Night Out Logo LETTER TO THE EDITOR
Last week, myself and thousands of other firefighters attended the International Association of Fire Chiefs/Fire Rescue Conference in Dallas.  This conference includes a week of training classes and seminars and an equipment/apparatus show at the end of the week.  It's a great way to acquire both good training and equipment information for all emergency first responders. 
During the show, I found a booth that was providing information on "The Address Your Town Project" (see attached).  This project is a national initiative to accurately identify homes and businesses for the purpose of emergency response to those locations.  I read the information, grabbed a flyer and walked around smiling to myself.  The part that made me smile is that our ESD started this project over four years ago and, I think, has a better implementation plan!
This is yet another great example of one of the many projects that our local ESD board does to protect those in our district.  Every month, board members attend meetings to assist in providing the best protection that they can for every resident that they serve. 
These projects include monthly reviews, annual budgets, capital expenditures and future plans for protection of the area.
With this in mind, I would like to single out Lonnie Moore and thank him for spearheading the property address project which he personally administers (actually hanging the signs for the property owners).  His foresight is now being duplicated nationally and I'm proud to brag that "my ESD board came up with this idea years ago!"
I would also like to thank the other members currently on the ESD board and all past ESD board members who volunteered their time to this group.  Without all of your efforts, the Volente Volunteer Fire Department and their protection of our area would not be at the level that it is today.
This is one of the many reasons that I'm proud to call Volente my home!
Brad Landi
Captain, Volente Volunteer Fire Department