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Shoreline Cleanup, Fox 7 News of Volente, LCRA Domestic Water Contracts Sept. 08, 2009
This is the last week of the shoreline cleanup. Once again, Volente has exceeded all expectations, with three 30-yard dumpsters already filled with lake debris and at least two more expected to be filled. That's at least 150 cubic yards of JUNK removed from our lake!
Barges have already taken care of Sunlit Cove, Reed-Booth Cove, Arrowhead Point, and Mack's Canyon. We are planning barge pick ups on Sharon & Joy, to be coordinated with Babs Yarborough, and for certain portions of Booth Circle already scheduled with owners. No other barge pick ups are planned or expected. 
If you are planning to haul your own debris by vehicle or trailer, you will be able to do so this weekend, Saturday and Sunday Sept. 12-13. At this point, it looks like all land transports will be directed to the Anderson Mill Marina collection site, reserving Highland Lakes Marina for barges only. We plan to send out additional communications before Saturday, but if you have any questions about the collection site(s), please call Al Blunt at 336-1260 or 633-6589 (cell).
Remember: lake debris only - this is a lake/shoreline cleanup. No other materials should be brought to the collection site.
Also, tires, batteries and Styrofoam go in separate stacks (marked) near the dumpsters, not in the dumpsters.
A list of materials prohibited from being placed in the dumpsters was previously emailed to all residents who had signed up to participate - If you do not have the list, please download it HERE.
Photos of the cleanup effort so far can be reached via www.volente.org/gallery.
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Drought Affecting Volente Residents
Updated: Tuesday, 08 Sep 2009, 5:33 PM CDT
Residents who live in the Village of Volente have been hit hard by the drought. Many draw their water directly from Lake Travis and the low water levels mean most pipes cannot reach the water anymore. FOX 7's Rudy Koski reports that many are now forced to take drastic measures to get water. 
Watch video HERE
In an earlier announcement, I called attention to the fact that LCRA is now enforcing the requirement that everyone who draws water from Lake Travis must have a contract.  For individual property owners, it is called a Domestic Use Water Sale Agreement.  LCRA recently revised the form used to apply for a contract to make it much simpler for most owners to complete, particularly if your lot is smaller than 2 acres.  You can get a copy of the form at http://www.lcra.org/water/supply/contracts/ (click on Domestic Use Packet for the form), or by calling Anissa Menefee at (512) 473-3231 or (800) 776-5272.  Feel free to call me at 258-1035 if you have any questions.
David Gavenda, LCRA Travis/Austin Regional Council