Volente e-News
Edited by Lonnie Moore
Important Info: Shoreline Cleanup Sept. 04, 2009
Communication about the shoreline cleanup has been going out separately to those who signed up as participating. The activity is in full gear, with two 30-yard dumpsters already being filled with lake debris and two more on the way to being filled.
This communication is going to the full e-News mailing list to make sure everyone is aware of the following:
1) Highland Lakes Marina is "off limits" to ALL clean up activities until next Tuesday afternoon. The Carters have been outstanding in their support - we could not do it without them - but this is THE big weekend for them and their customers and so there will be no unloading of any materials there during the Labor Day holiday weekend. If you have some need that must be handled this weekend, call Al Blunt at 336-1260 or 633-6589 (cell) and he will take care of you. Do not take anything to Highland Lakes this weekend - you will be turned away.
2) Everyone who anticipates having a barge pick up at their location should already be signed up and on the list. We have already taken care of Sunlit Cove, Reed-Booth Cove, Arrowhead Point and most of Mack's Canyon. We are planning barge pick ups on Sharon & Joy, to be coordinated with Babs Yarborough, and for portions of Booth Circle. If you anticipate needing a barge at any other location and have not already communicated your needs with either Al Blunt or Lonnie Moore, you need to do so immediately. 
3) If you are planning to haul your own debris by vehicle or trailer, you will be able to do so the final weekend, Saturday and Sunday Sept. 12-13. We will provide more information about this next week, but speak with Al Blunt at the numbers above to be sure you are taking your materials to the best of the two locations. And remember: lake debris only - this is a lake/shoreline cleanup. Also, tires, batteries and Styrofoam go in separate stacks (marked) near the dumpsters, not in the dumpsters.
A list of materials prohibited from being placed in the dumpsters was previously emailed to all residents who had signed up to participate - If you do not have the list, please download it HERE.
Finally, there is still much to do but we should acknowledge the unbelievably hard work done by Walt Thompson in organizing and managing the cleanup of Reed-Booth Cove. You had to be there to believe it (check the photos).
Scott Spurlin has been great in organizing the folks in the Anderson Mill / Cypress Creek area.
Thanks also to Frank & Carrie Carter of Highland Lakes Marina and Todd Kahler of Anderson Mill Marina.
And thanks to Al Blunt, our dumpster czar and to Jan Yenawine for his barge and help.
Photos of the cleanup effort so far can be reached via www.volente.org/gallery.