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July 20, 2009

Fire Danger; AMG Open House on Sunday; Water Wells

Fire Danger Becoming Extreme

 (ESD 14/VVFD received the announcement below from Texas Department of Public Safety)
(7/15/09) Governor Perry declared a disaster due to Wildfires in 165 Texas Counties.  
Texas has and continues to experience a protracted period of triple digit temperatures and very little to no precipitation and low relative humidities around the State.
High pressure dominated weather over the state for the last month has produced a very hot and dry pattern, with temperatures daily rising into the 100s.
Impact to the wildland fuels has been dramatic. Fuel moistures are setting record low values.
Extreme to explosive fire behavior can be expected on fires occurring under these conditions, requiring expanded resources for effective containment.
This represents a very dangerous and serious threat to the citizens and fire personnel within this impact zone.

Extended weather forecast indicates there is a high probability that the hot and dry weather pattern will continue on into August. If so, expect fire activity and intensities to continue to increase over the next two to four weeks over the primary area of concern in Central, South, and Southeastern Texas. Also, expect the area of concern for significant wildland fire activity to expand into more of the Hill Country, North, and Northeast Texas.
.... Jack Colley, TX Dept. of Public Safety

Anderson Mill - Open House This Sunday

The Anderson Mill Gardeners' Open House
Sunday July 26,  1-5pm

Quilt pattern with fig tree and Summer Tanager Sunday afternoon the Gardeners will be giving Mill and Museum tours, selling quilt tickets, and our book, A Legend Collection. The Legends is a collection of histories gathered by our founding members and first published in 1981.
Many of our early members were descendants of the first settlers in this area.  They had summers just as hot and some just as dry. A fig tree is found around many an old homestead. Sometimes that is all that remains, needing very little water or other care. Summer Tanagers are particularly fond of figs.
This is a quilt appliqué design called Doeskin Ranch Tanagers.
For more information/ subscribe/ membership/ donate:
ANDERSON MILL MEMORIAL | 13974 FM 2769| Volente Texas 78641| 512-258-2613| AMGC@volente.org

Water Well Woes

We have heard from several residents recently who have had problems with their water wells due to the drought. The water levels in our aquifers (the Glenrose or Trinity, depending on site) are dropping from lack of rainfall replenishment.
When a well "goes dry", the options can be limited. If the well still produces water, but at a low level, the addition of a storage tank can keep the household going. Sometimes the well pump can be lowered further down into the well, to get far enough below the water table. In other cases, residents are forced to have water hauled in or to drill a new well. At least one resident is now completely on a rain water collection system, backed up when necessary by purchasing hauled in water.