Volente e-News

June 03, 2009

Suspected Rabid Fox; DELTA's Ad

Suspected Rabid Fox In Volente

Hi (e-News),
I want to relay a report to you and you might want to send it out on your email list.
A fox was picked up Tuesday by Animal Control at a residence in Volente that was showing symptoms of having rabies. The test will take approx a week and they will let us know. Suggesting that all pets be updated on vaccine and have a booster.

Jennifer Zufelt
City Secretary
Village of Volente

DELTA Ad Running In Hill Country News

[Editor's Note: Below is the copy for an ad by DELTA that is being run for two weeks in the Hill Country News during the Leander city council elections. We thought Volente residents would be interested.] 

Copy of ad being run by DELTA inHill Country News