Volente e-News
(Dear e-News)
Our state rep, Donna Howard, has introduced a bill that would require reqional utility authorities that seek to build water supply infrastructure within the boundaries of a non-participating municipality to follow local land use rules and ordinances and obtain the municipality's approval for their project. This bill applies to the situation that Volente faces with the BCRUA.

The bill is scheduled for a hearing by the Urban Affairs Committee this Thursday. I think that several people from Volente will be testifying in support of this bill; however, Donna Howard's office expects significant opposition. Volente needs all residents who support this bill to show up at the Capitol on Thursday morning! They do not have to testify, but they do need to sign a card that says they support the bill but do not wish to testify. I know this is short notice and people will have trouble getting to the Capitol for this, but it is very important that Volente show our support. Once people have signed the card, they can leave the hearing whenever they wish.

This is Volente's opportunity to show support for a bill that would give them a voice in a situation where they have been denied a vote.

The house meets at 10a.m. and the Urban Affairs Committee will begin its hearing 10-15 minutes after the full house adjourns, whenever that is. The schedule says 10:30 a.m., but it could be after that. Everyone must be present to sign the card when the hearing gets under way, but unfortunately I cannot say exactly when that will be.

Could you please let everyone on your mailing list know of this development? They can contact me for more information.
Justine Blackmore-Hlstra