Volente e-News

February 28, 2009

LCRA To Charge; Frankie the Tortoise Missing; VNA Annual Meeting

LCRA To Charge Residents Who Use Lake Water

Volente resident David Gavenda has given us a "heads up" that LCRA is serious about charging lakeside owners who pump water from Lake Travis for domestic (household) use. David will have an article in the upcoming Volente Voice newsletter on this topic. Be sure to see it.
In the meantime, we can direct you to the LCRA website links below for more information. We will also be putting information on www.volente.org.
This jnformation is taken from the LCRA's site:
"Domestic water use from the Highland Lakes:
Water from the Highland Lakes is not legally available, even for owners of nearby property, without a water right permit or an LCRA contract. LCRA has a three-year contract available for property owners who want to pump water from one of the lakes for domestic uses
. "

Lost Pet: Frankie the Tortoise is Missing

Photo of tortoiseFrankie the Tortoise, a family pet for more than seven years, has become separated from his owners in the Booth Circle / FM 2769 area.
His owner, Robert Squires, provides this description: "Frankie is about 8" tall and 12" to 13" long. Likes to dig under rocks or hide under brush, or may be seen walking around grazing on grass. Leaves poop that looks like a small hand grenade made out of chewed up grass (about 3 or 4" long)."

If you can help reunite Frankie with his family, please call Bob Steichen at 677-6107 or you can contact Robert Squires at
rsquires@firetrol.net or 689-0870.


Photo of Commissioner Karen Huber Newly elected County Commissioner Karen Huber will be the special guest speaker at the Volente Neighborhood Association annual meeting on Saturday, April 4th. The meeting will begin at 4PM.
More information about the meeting and Commissioner Huber will be coming in the next printed newsletter which should reach your mailboxes the first part of March.
In the meantime - save the date! You don't want to miss this year's meeting.