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January 08, 2009

Fencing for WTP4; Newsletter Mailings; VVFD Elections

Temporary Fence Being Installed for WTP4

 Work has begun on the installation of the perimeter fencing around the 92-acre WTP 4 site at the intersection of 620 and Bullick Hollow Road near Lake Travis. The chain-link fence will be temporary - a permanent security fence will be installed after construction of the plant is completed. The permanent fence will incorporate the latest in design so that it will be as aesthetically pleasing as possible and blend into the surrounding landscape.
The general contractor is BPI Environmental Service, Inc., of Lakeway, and the fence contractor is Allied Fence Company of Manor. Estimated completion is late March 2009.
The information above was received from City of Austin via email and is also posted on their site, http://www.cityofaustin.org/water/wtpfour.htm 
You can subscribe to updates about the treatment plant on that website.

Planned site locations of Water Treatment Plant 4
Aerial photo of Water Treatment Plant 4 sites

For a different perspective on WTP4, see DELTA's site:

Did You Receive The December 2008 VVFD/VNA Newsletter?

Page One of VVFD/VNA December 2008 Newsletter The Volente Volunteer Fire Department and Volente Neighborhood Association mailed their combined newsletter just prior to Christmas. Residents in the 78641 portion of Volente should have received their copies in the mail during December. Residents and owners in 78726 or other zip codes probably received theirs during the first week of January 2009.
 An effort was made to reach everyone, but if you did not receive a mailed copy we need to hear from you so we can check our database. Just send a reply email to news@volente.org and let us know the mailing address that got missed. You can also download the full newsletter at www.volente.org

VVFD Election for Board Of Directors - New Procedures

Election for the VVFD Board of Directors will be at VVFD on Friday, January 30 from 4 to 7 P.M.  Ballots will be available at the Fire Department.  Members eligible to vote are property owners within the Volente Fire Department area or those persons registered to vote within that area.  Voters may be asked to show proof of Membership by providing either a recent property appraisal notice or tax bill from Travis County, showing VVFD Service Area address or current voter registration card or driver's license with VVFD Service area address.
Voting shall be by secret paper ballot.  Members unable to attend on January 30 may request a mail ballot by contacting Election Judge Dorothy Wilhelm at 8104 Joy Rd., Volente or
dwilhelm@vvfd.net  or calling 512 258-1530.
Following the election, a short annual meeting of the Volente Fire Department will be held.  Purpose of this meeting will be to announce and introduce the new board members.

Biographies of each of the Board candidates were included in the December 2008 newsletter, available online at www.volente.org.