Reminder: There is an important meeting this Wednesday that has to do with the planned creation of a deep water intake in Lake Travis by the cities of Round Rock, Leander, and Cedar Park. 
On Wednesday December 10th at 7:00 pm in the Volente Fire Hall, the Village of Volente Council will meet with elected leaders of the three cities involved.  This meeting is the result of an earlier failed attempt to bring our elected officials together to openly discuss the issues surrounding the BCRUA's actions and plans to bring the deep water intake, a pumping station, and a very large pipeline through and into Volente.  This will be the first formal meeting of these individuals to address this topic. The agenda for this joint meeting can be found at
While the public is invited to attend and to observe, there will be no opportunity for public to speak at this meeting.  However, it is very important you attend to show your support for the Village's opposition to the project, as well as to hear directly what the other cities have to say.
Many of you attended the public meeting with the Village of Volente Council held on Saturday. The Village held the special called meeting to hear the opinions and inputs from the residents of the Volente area so as to be better prepared to represent their constituents in the meeting this coming Wednesday. That meeting was well attended and many of you made excellent points in opposition to the proposed project.
Volente council meets with residents 12/06/08 
Village of Volente officials hear from residents 12/06/2008
Please attend this Wednesday and show your support for your officials and our combined opposition to this proposed project.