Volente Neighborhood Association
From: mel rinn <rinn@swbell.net>
To: Internet Mail::[Lonnie Moore]
Subject: todays funnel....
Date: 3/17/00 12:02 AM

Shot this today from the house. Was working outside when I looked up and saw the clouds spinning.

Mel Rinn (former Communications Officer for VVFD)

From: David Springer <springer@matrix.eden.com>
To: Internet Mail::[(Lonnie Moore)]

Subject: Re: Fwd: todays funnel cloud
Date: 3/20/00 1:29 AM

Thanks for the pic Lonnie !

I watched it live from start to finish - couldn't have been much more than
five minutes.  I was too mesmerized by it to run into the house for a
video camera and much to my disappointment no pictures of that particular
funnel was in the newspaper the next day.

My daughter was even closer - she saw it from the Lakeline Mall almost
straight overhead.

It was awesome.

I heard the horizontal length was over 3 miles and my view of it
to the northwest from several miles away was perfect.

I've never seen one before and at first wasn't sure if it was a funnel
cloud because the edges weren't well defined but just before it broke
in half and floated up into the regular clouds it became a perfectly
smooth, thin rope and then I knew for sure.

Thanks again.  Now I can show my wife and other children what I saw.

David Springer

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