About VNA
Volente Neighborhood Association
Volente, Texas

The name of the organization is the Volente Neighborhood Association ("VNA”). It was founded in 1988.
The Neighborhood represented includes all properties located along FM 2769, Bullick Hollow Road, Lime Creek Road, and properties located along all roadways that originate either directly, or as tributary from these roads.
The purpose of the organization is to implement, promote, or coordinate with other agencies, programs for the protection, safety and enhancement of the Volente community.
Membership in the organization is purely voluntary. It is not a mandatory "homeowners association". It does not create or enforce any restrictions, covenants, rules or regulations. VNA does not own property. It is operated as a non-profit, volunteer association like the majority of neighborhood associations in our area and across the country. .
Dues for members are only $15 per calendar year. Membership applications are found on most newsletters and at the following URL: http:/www.volente.org/memberfm.html

Some of the recent initiatives of VNA included:

For more information about VNA, contact one of the board members: http://www.volente.org/board.htm

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